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Our Team

Dr. Sarvesh Sharma

Dr. Sarvesh Sharma


Dr. Sarvesh Sharma graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine in India. He worked as a veterinarian with the provincial government in India, before immigrating to Canada to pursue his interest in small animal medicine. He obtained his license to practice in Canada in 2010. Since then, he has been working as an associate veterinarian in Windsor and the Greater Toronto Area.

While Dr. Sharma enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine he has a special interest and compassion for canine and feline species, focusing on behaviour and preventative medicine. He keeps himself updated with recent development and advancement in his field of veterinary medicine by attending seminars, conferences, through VIN (veterinary information network), journal memberships and partaking in online webinars.

When he is not working he enjoys time with his wife, son and daughter. In his spare time he likes to play with his kids and outdoor activities.


Professional Affiliations:

College of Veterinarians of Ontario


Selita, ACA, Client Care Representative

Selita, ACA, Client Care Representative


My name is Selita. I am an Animal Care Attendant with a myriad of responsibilities here at Derry Village Animal Clinic. I started my career at Derry Village Animal Clinic during my co-op placement while attending the Animal Care program at Sheridan in April 2015. It was a requirement for graduation. Two days into my placement I was offered a job.

I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing doctors during my time at DVAC and look forward to learning more every day. What I love the most about my part here at DVAC is watching patients come back after recovering from life-threatening illnesses, happy and healthy. It is inspiring to know that I had a part in helping such an amazing creature have their best chance.

During my free time you can find me with my friends or family or with my cat Klaus, catching up on TV shows, or trying my hand at something new and interesting.

Photo coming soon - Tharigaah
Tharigaah, Veterinary Assistant


Hey everyone, my name is Tharigaah and I have always had a great passion for animals. In 2021 I had the amazing opportunity to complete my grade 11 co-op here at Derry Village Animal Clinic, and before finishing my co-op I was offered a job!

I am currently working toward becoming a cardiologist, but the veterinary industry will always interest me. Working at DVAC has definitely increased my love for animals. I not only love animals, but also love talking, so if you ever feel bored, feel free to walk up to the front desk! In my free time you can find me binging tamil dramas with my grandma, traversing the outdoors or sleeping the day away.

Photo coming soon - Shaye
Shaye, Veterinary Assistant


My name is Shaye and I’m an assistant here at Derry Village Animal Clinic. I have a lot of love in my heart for animals of all shapes and sizes and it is my goal to offer your pets a safe and comfortable experience when coming for a visit. I hope to work my way up in the field and eventually be an exotic animal veterinarian. I have three cats at home and when i’m not working you can find me cuddling with them or participating in my hobbies such as visual art and creating music!

Photo coming soon - Michelle
Michelle, Veterinary Assistant


My name is Michelle, and I bring over 20 years of dedicated service to the veterinary field as a compassionate veterinary receptionist and assistant. Beyond my clinic responsibilities, I actively collaborate with foster groups, providing nurturing care to orphaned kittens and supporting their journey to health and happiness.

At home, my commitment to rescue extends to my beloved companions. Dorian, Harley, and Astrid, my rescue cats, and Ralphy, my rescued Rottweiler, each hold a special place in our family, enriching our lives with their unique stories and personalities.

My professional journey is deeply intertwined with my passion for animal welfare and rescue work. This commitment enhances my ability to provide exceptional care and support to both clients and their pets, driven by a steadfast belief in compassion and advocacy for animals in need.

Photo coming soon - Brittany
Brittany, Registered Veterinary Technician


I'm Brittany, a devoted Registered Veterinary Technician propelled by an enduring passion for animals. Since graduating from St. Lawrence College in 2019, I've embarked on a heartfelt journey within the veterinary realm, wholeheartedly tending to our beloved furry companions. Specializing in feline medicine and nutrition, I've pursued additional certifications in Fear Free and Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional, ensuring the most tender and empathetic care for every patient. Moreover, I bring valuable experience in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine to the table, enriching my capacity to serve animals in their most vulnerable moments.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I'm fortunate to share my life with my partner and our cherished pets. Our home is a bustling sanctuary filled with the playful antics of Eevee and Nora, our two feline companions, and the boundless energy of Ace, our German Shepherd with cerebellar hypoplasia. Together, we nurture an atmosphere of love and companionship, cherishing each precious moment we spend together.